Legal Profession

Roy Shuttleworth has widespread psychology experience as a mental health consultant in a wide range of legal, courtroom and specialist areas of law.

  • Diagnostic work to see if the client is suffering from a major psychological illness
  • Assessment under the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Assessment can also be made for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Intellectual functioning, which may be relevant, for example, in cases where there is a question of whether the client is “fit to plead”
  • Assessment of families in divorce proceedings, which may include looking at the potential harm where a parent has been accused of sexual misbehaviour
  • General parental risk assessment including cases where there has been an accusation of sexual misbehaviour
  • Tests for suggestibility as well as assessment of psychological disorder

Roy Shuttleworth is highly experienced in court appearances, including  Crown Court, Magistrates Court and County Court.

Assessments can take place in one of Roy’s offices, at the clients’ home or in prison. Candidates can be seen and reports provided with very short notice. Roy has the experience of conducting and filing over 3,000 completed reports to date.

Contact Roy Shuttleworth on telephone: 0207 402 7532  or by